Experiencing a brain injury can be a major disruption to a person’s life. After brain injury many of our members are coming to terms with the long-term changes in their lives. The changes can involve things like memory, speech, cognition, and physical ability, and changes in how a person perceives themselves, their sense of identity, or their relationship dynamics. For some people the changes might be more minor and many aspects of life can remain the same, however, for others there may be a ripple effect whereby work and family systems also shift. Some people feel that their brain injury is not seen or understood.

Psychological therapy can really help to understand and adjust to this life changing experience.

We provide psychological therapies to brain injury survivors, as well as family members and carers of people who have experienced brain injury.

Our psychological therapies service offers both one to one and group therapy.

For more information, get in touch with our Therapy Service Manager Nora Brennan at nora.brennan@headwayeastlondon.org.

If you know someone who might benefit from these services, download and share this PDF.

One to one therapy provides a confidential and emotionally-supportive space for clients to express themselves openly about their experience, to explore strategies to help manage emotional reactions, such as anger, anxiety, trauma-responses, low mood and loss of confidence. Our therapists are experienced in working with brain injury and the themes of loss and grief, loss of identity, rebuilding of one’s life path and sense of self, and relationship changes. We adopt an integrative approach in order to support each unique client holistically. This means we draw from different theories, modalities and techniques including (but not limited to) psychodynamic, systemic, interpersonal, existential and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). We offer both short-term and longer-term therapy and have different forms of psychological therapies on offer including:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Art Psychotherapy
  • Neuro Psychology

Group therapy has been found to be very beneficial to our members. Group members have expressed finding it useful to share their experiences with other people who have survived brain injury, sharing that it gives them a sense of being understood by other people who have been through a similar lived experience. People can share ideas about what has helped them. The group is facilitated by an experienced therapist and the peer support has been reported to be extremely valuable.

We also offer psycho educational groups covering the following topics spread over a number of sessions:

  • Understanding brain injury and impacts
  • Emotional Regulation (for example, managing anger)
  • Relationship dynamics and boundaries


Psychoeducational groups are tailored to each group’s needs and hopes, and the pace is adapted in order to maximise accessibility for each group member.

If you would like any additional accessibility options that are not featured please contact info@headwayeastlondon.org