Day Service

Not just a service, this is our community

Our Day Service is where members, staff and volunteers come together to share experiences and contributions. We give each other practical and emotional support; forging new relationships and identities.

Based in Haggerston (Hackney), our Day Service is the hub for all our other services. It’s where our members can work in partnership with their own keyworker to rediscover what they love doing, understand what they need, and find the activities, outings, therapies and support that are right for them.

Our members and volunteers make the Day Service a relaxed, welcoming, friendly, diverse and creative place. It’s a space to be ourselves, share good humour, do the activities we enjoy, and support each other.

Our projects


What happens at our Day Service?

Open 48 weeks of the year (Monday to Friday from 10am until 3pm), our Day Service takes a holistic approach focusing on the goals of each individual member.

All activities are encouraged but optional, and each day looks different as a result.

Who is our Day Service for?

Becoming a member of our Day Service starts with filling out a Referral Form and having an assessment with one of our keyworkers at the centre. People remain members as long as they want and need to, and for as long as funding can be secured.

If you wish to refer someone to any of the Headway East London services, please contact us or download a referral form below.

T: 020 7749 7790

Download Referral Form (PDF)
Download Referral Form (Word)

Please send completed forms to:

Headway East London
Timber Wharf
238-240 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AX

Ensure you enclose all supporting documentation.

Funding for Headway Services

Please note that Headway Services must be funded for a person to attend and or receive the service. See the Referral Form for service costs.

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"I know if I’m coming to Headway I’m safe. So I can relax and take the weight off for the hours I’m here. I enjoy that part. And I’m involved in so many things"
Day Service Member
“Helping to cook, that’s one of the beautiful things about the Headway kitchen...the lovely experience of cooking with fellow members and feeling like you’re part of a team."
Day Service Member
"I’m really glad to always find you near to us during this difficult time"
Family & support group member
"Headway has helped me communicate my story to other brain injured people, my family and friends, medical people and the wider world. People with a brain injury need to have their say because we all have something important to contribute on the question of what it means to be human."
Day Service Member

Our Projects


Our members work together to cook lunch for our day service community; sharing recipes, skills and stories along the way. In addition to this we also run a Headway Eats supper club; inviting friends, family and the wider public to an evening of food, music, storytelling and fun.

Cooking lunch in the Headway kitchen

We don't have any upcoming food events coming up but check back soon..!


Submit to Love is our very own art studio – home to both members who have been creating for years, and those who are learning new skills. Together we discover gifts, connections and identities through art.

Painting together in the studio

quick gallery


Walk into our Day Service and the chances are you will hear live music. From singing groups, to guest workshops, to 1-to-1s, we provide lots of routes for members to explore their relationship to and passion for music. 

Members performing at a Headway event

Canal Side Discs #44 Don

Canal Side Discs #45 Anna


Our members have lived extraordinary lives. Keen to help others learn more about the impact of brain injury, they share their stories – in their own words – in our writing project Who Are You Now?, our Matter magazine and our members’ blog.

Stories of survival

How would you feel if you walked into your front room, first thing in the morning, in nothing but your pants, and you didn’t expect anyone there? I was thinking, ‘who is this?’ She sat there looking so pretty. I was looking sheepish. When you’re caught in a situation like that, you have to say something – you have to say anything. So I said something stupid like, “Do I know you?”, or “Do you know me?”

And she said, “I don’t know”.

Who Are You Now? – telling the stories of survivors in their own words: who they were, what happened to them and who they are now.

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