What Lawful Basis does HEL use to process my data?

HEL mostly uses Consent, Contract and Legitimate Interests to process personal data. By signing a HEL referral / consent form and/ or requesting support from HEL, you positively “opt-in” for us to process the relevant personal information required to provide support/ a service.
  • The personal data collected relating to Casework/ Family Support is based on the lawful basis of Legitimate Interests and/or Consent
  • The personal data collected relating to Day Service, Support Work, Therapies) is based on the lawful basis of Contract
As our work involves medically related conditions, HEL processes special category data (health) and satisfies conditions under GDPR for this.

What personal data does HEL collect on me?

Depending on what service/project/information you receive, will decide what personal data is collected. This may be different for a funded service and a non-funded service. The HEL referral form covers headings of data collected.

What do we use your personal data for?

Depending on what service/project/information you receive from HEL, this will determine what we use your personal data for and why and for how long. It may also be used for different reasons throughout your relationship with HEL. This may be to be sure you are in our catchment, you have a brain injury, to assess risk to self & others and having information about support needs etc.

Where is my data stored and who has access?

HEL uses strong technical and organisational measures including secure paper filing systems, security levels software, and cloud-based Management systems to store personal data. Data is stored on securely strong databases including Charitylog and SharePoint. These databases have different levels of security and only staff with relevant security permission will be able to access details on these databases.

Is my data being shared with others? (i.e. outside of HEL)

There may be times when we need to share personal information with others. This may be to allow us to support you, and/or to get other organisations to support you. If you have given written consent and relevant support is needed, data may be sent to, and received from, other organisations already involved, or needing to be involved with supporting you. >span class=”eop”>

How long do we keep your personal data? Do we delete it?

Information is kept if a service contract is in place and/or ongoing support is happening. If there has been no action with someone for 6 years their information with be archived and/or deleted to keep only non-identifiable information and keep information for statistics.

What are my Data Protection Rights?

Headway East London (HEL) takes our responsibilities about the security of personal information seriously and is open and truthful about how we manage data. You have the right to be told all about you’re the information we have on you, what we do with it, to see it, to ask that its corrected if it is wrong, to ask that it is deleted, to ask that we don’t collect or store certain information, to have it given to you easily and to object about what we are doing with it.

How can I find out more? I want to access my information.

For full details of all the information collected by HEL, and why it is collected, please see the HEL Data Mapping Excel sheet which can be found on the bottom of our Privacy Policy page on our website. If you want to see your information (Subject Access Request) or want more information on our data processes, or help with making a choice about “opting-in”, please request this from the HEL Data Protection Officer through a member of staff, by calling 020 7749 7790 or emailing info@headwayeastlondon.org

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