We want to be the leading brain injury organisation in London providing high quality, innovative specialist support, and to have a strong voice across the health and social care sector. We also want to create more opportunities for our members to share their contributions and talents, and to interrogate what true collaboration looks like in the process.

This strategy – which was developed in collaboration with our members, staff, volunteers and trustees – explains how we’ll get there.

The headlines - our strategic aims

“This new Headway is a centre of excellence in the understanding of all things neuro, where brain injury survivors, neurology experts and all associated practitioners live together in a culturally open community” 

Billy, Headway member

Together we have agreed on four strategic aims for the organisation as we move forward and develop our work:

  1. Help more people than ever before; we want to double the number of people we reach each year across London to 1,500 by 2027
  2. Provide new innovative and creative ways of supporting brain injury survivors, and different opportunities for people to connect with us
  3. Continue to fight for equity for brain injury survivors and develop our social justice voice; raising awareness of the impact of brain injury and our work
  4. Make sure that everyone who is part of Headway East London enjoys their role and feels they are contributing towards the same goal

Our approach

We know our members are experts in their own injury and needs; that only they can tell us what is most important to them. We combine this expertise with our own, empowering people affected by brain injury to explore new identities; developing new skills and interests along the way.

We also believe in the power of connection and creativity to create better futures for those affected by brain injury. Our holistic approach means that projects are co-produced in response to members’ needs, desires and ambitions, whilst the breadth of our work reflects the diversity of Headway East London’s community.

Each day we come together to discover what’s meaningful in life; forging friendships and connections along the way. While we have ambitious plans to grow, we are dedicated to maintaining this philosophy and community. It’s what makes us so special.

Why it matters

Our work is important – to people affected by brain injury and their families, but also to the communities in which they live.

The impact of brain injury on someone’s life can be severe. We help people to not only navigate this unimaginable experience, but move towards a place where they can meet their potential and thrive. At the same time, we also reduce pressure on non-specialist services and ensure public money is spent more effectively.

Every person we support should be able to live the life they want, without facing marginalisation and lack of understanding. That doesn’t only affect our members: it benefits entire communities and health and social care economies. Together we can discover new ways of looking at the world, and ensuring it is accessible to everyone.

If you would like any additional accessibility options that are not featured please contact info@headwayeastlondon.org