Who Are You Now?

Life stories of

brain injury survivors

Every year in London there are more than 40,000 hospital admissions for brain injury. Most are caused by road traffic accidents, assaults and falls. 14,000 are for stroke.

This site tells the stories of survivors in their own words: who they were, what happened to them and who they are now.

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The Stories

The Podcasts

"A five-part audio series to accompany our 2016 stories"

Witman and Adoley

"You wake up early in the morning, and by the end of the day your life has changed."


"I feel someone else's pain more now because of what I've been through"


"It was hard to go from being a care provider to a care receiver"

Matthew Atkinson

"Mobile technology has completely changed my life"

Brian Searle

"It’s like a jigsaw, but the pieces don’t fit properly"


"Twenty years of my life disappeared from within me"

Alpha Kabeja

"People say, “Oh, it was a dream”, but I don’t acknowledge it as a dream. It was a memory – a real memory. "


"I’m an ambitious person with the will to succeed"


"If I can help one person to know that you can get better, that's alright with me"

Barrie Stradling and Dave

"The band came to the hospital to see if I could still sing"


"I couldn't walk into a crowded room - I was terrified"

Sarah and Alix McAlister

My son asked the neurosurgeon, 'would you recommend this for your own mother?'"

Sam Jevon

"The accident has done me a favour in a lot of ways"

Lina Lacides

"I thought, who am I now? I am nobody"


"I used to think that life is competitive, but that's not true"

Danny Muir Update – October 2015

"The three things I thought were out of my reach - a family, a home, and a job - I've now attained them."

Danny Muir

"What comes with being a bad guy? Bad things."

Garry Methven

"In the dream they put me in a box made of glass "

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