Investigating the impact of brain injury

Headway East London is keen to support any research that can help to improve services and support for survivors of brain injury. We receive many requests from researchers looking for study participants and cannot offer to help with all of them. 

At the moment we feel there is a need for more descriptive studies, studies which record the lived experience of survivors, and studies that investigate the impact of brain injury services on recovery, mental health, self-esteem, and quality of life. In particular, we are interested in supporting studies on the following areas:

  • The economic and social risk factors for acquiring brain injury in London
  • The economic and social correlates of disability after brain injury
  • The impact of social isolation after brain injury
  • Correlations and interactions between self-esteem, mental health, inclusion, occupation and disability after brain injury
  • The meaning of ‘occupation’, ‘role’ and ‘inclusion’ after brain injury – the development of functional definitions of these in terms of social care services, rehabilitative and vocational services.
  • The role of creative activity in brain injury rehabilitation
  • The factors contributing to ‘resilience’ in recovery from brain injury and how these factors can be maintained and promoted
  • The impact of a community /support on factors such as quality of life self-esteem, social isolation and mental health.
  • Priority will also be given to studies that capitalise on the expertise of the survivors – for example, those using self-report measures rather than/in addition to clinical tests and clinician or researcher led measures.
  • Please note that we have very limited resources and cannot guarantee the availability of meeting space or support with recruitment for research projects.

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