Therapy Service

Expert support for survivors’ complex needs

Our Therapy Service starts with the goals of a brain injury survivor and can extend to their family or carers. We bring together our expertise across a range of therapies to give each person what they need in the best way for them.

Expert help for survivors, their families and carers

Working from our Hackney hub, in someone’s home or out in the community, we support people to understand and manage the complex, life-changing experience of brain injury. This can include help to:

  • build confidence
  • improve mobility
  • gain more independence
  • develop strategies to manage fatigue or pain
  • develop strategies to manage memory difficulties
  • get back into favourite activities or find new interests
  • support a case or complete required medico-legal reports
Services can be offered both privately, or as part of a Day Service placement. 

Our unique interdisciplinary approach means that the team works alongside our service staff to identify the best therapeutic intervention. 

We also offer a professional service to individuals, families, case managers, solicitors and statutory organisations.

"I don’t think I would have been at the stage I am without the group"
Enfield therapy group member

Who is our Therapy
Service for?

Exploring our Therapy Service starts with filling out a Referral Form and having an assessment with one of our caseworkers at Headway House. With the referral criteria and funding in place, we can offer therapies to survivors, their families or their carers. We also provide our expertise to case managers, solicitors and statutory organisations.

If you wish to refer someone to any of the Headway East London services, please contact us or download a referral form below.

T: 020 7749 7790

Download Referral Form (PDF)
Download Referral Form (Word)

Please send completed forms to:

Headway East London
Timber Wharf
238-240 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AX

Ensure you enclose all supporting documentation.

Funding for Headway Services

Please note that Headway Services must be funded for a person to attend and or receive the service. See the Referral Form for service costs.

What happens in our
Therapy Service?

Our therapists work out how best to give the help that people need. For some, it can be group or 1:1 support as part of our Day Service in Haggerston. For other individuals, couples or families it might be private sessions at home or from other venues in the community.

Each individual’s pathway is unique and we work with our professional teams to determine the best package of support.

Our therapies

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapists help people live a full life as independently as they can. From brushing your teeth to grocery shopping. From sorting out a weekly routine to studying. From succeeding in work to maintaining a healthy social life. 

Our specialist team provide the support people need in the way that works for them. 

A great example of this is “How I want to be treated by health professionals”, a document created by our members to improve communications with health professional after a brain injury. Find out more

Physical therapy

Our interdisciplinary team of therapists help people engage in activities that improve their mobility and boost their feelings of wellbeing. Covering yoga, dance, tai chi and more, exercises and advice are developed to suit individuals’ needs and interests, from improving strength and balance to managing pain, fatigue and dizziness.

We developed a resource to support anyone who is interested in leading or taking part in a movement session for people living with brain injury or similar disabilities. Download it here: Dance After Brain Injury.

Psychological therapy

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Brain injury can have a big impact on a person’s identity, role, behaviour, personality and relationships. Our counsellors, psychologists and psychotherapists help survivors – and those around them – understand and manage these changes. Our team shares its expertise with other professionals and students on placement. Find out more about our Psychological therapy services here

Enfield Community Brain Injury Service

Since 2017 we have been working with NHS North Central London to provide specialist community-based therapy services for adults with a non-progressive acquired brain injury (except stroke) in Enfield. The values of Headway East London which acknowledge the long term and complex nature of brain injury are incorporated in our innovative approach to community rehabilitation.

If you would like to refer someone or be referred yourself to the Enfield Community Brain Injury Service, download and fill out the Referral Form and send it to Nora at

What next?

Potential member?

Want to refer someone or be referred yourself? Contact our Therapy Manager Nora Brennan on or download and fill out our Referral Form.

Eligible for our service with Enfield Community Brain Injury Service? Find out by contacting the team on 0207 7497790 or Nora Brennan on

Looking for a student placement?

If you’re a 2nd year masters or doctorate student interested in a psychotherapy, psychology or arts therapy placement, contact our Therapy Manager Nora Brennan on

We accept those training in the following disciplines: Psychotherapy, Counselling psychology, Clinical psychology, Art psychotherapy, Dance and movement psychotherapy, Music therapy, Drama therapy.

If you would like any additional accessibility options that are not featured please contact