Member-led Training

Our bespoke service supports brain injury survivors to use their lived experience to provide vital training for universities, cultural institutions, health and social care professionals, and businesses.  

Speaking with university students

Brain injury is complex. Every person’s experience is different, and many of the effects are not immediately visible. This can make navigating the world quite challenging for survivors. Listening and learning can go a long way to creating a more supportive environment for those affected. It can also open up wider discussions around hidden illnesses and neurodiversity, accessibility, bias and privilege. 

Training we offer

Our training offering is designed to help people understand more about acquired brain injury and the impact it can have. This can cover (but is not limited to) the physical, emotional and cognitive effects of brain injury; and the reality of living with an often hidden disability.

In addition to providing vital training to students and professionals, these reflections prove useful for businesses or organisations working with (or employing) people with additional needs. Members can share their expertise in a variety of ways through presentations, workshops and games, active learning tasks and personal stories. Each session is individually tailored to the needs of the audience, and the skills of our member facilitators. 

Over the last few years our members have provided brain injury training for:

  • University of East London, City University London, and University of Minnesota (plus many more)
  • Health and social care professionals across North and East London (commissioners, social workers and case managers)
  • Solicitors and lawyers
  • Barbican Centre
  • Transport for London
  • Financial Ombudsmen 


For further information about training or to book our team please contact:

"Your members were amazing and so insightful and articulate about their journeys and experiences.... this type of teaching is invaluable so thank you so much for your time"
University lecturer

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