Headway East London offers services to brain injury survivors, their families and carers. These include our Day Service, neurological therapies, community support work, advice, advocacy and family support. As the effects of brain injury are long-term, so is our support.

Training & Public Engagement

Part of our work at Headway East London is to support our members to explore new things; to develop new skills and talents. Our creative projects & partnerships not only help to facilitate and drive this forward, they also provide a platform for our membership to raise awareness of brain injury with the wider public.

Training we offer

"Your members were amazing and so insightful and articulate about their journeys and experiences.... this type of teaching is invaluable so thank you so much for your time."

- University lecturer

Headway East London runs Member-Led training to help people understand more about acquired brain injury and the impact it can have. Members share their expertise about living with brain injury, through presentations, active learning tasks and personal stories, in ways which are highly engaging. Training is bespoke: adapted to the needs of the audience. It can range from an hour's talk to a one-day workshop. Over the last few years our members have provided brain injury training for:

  • University students (physio, OT, speech and language therapy, podiatry, neuroscience and social work)
  • Health and social care professionals
  • Solicitors and lawyers
  • Transport for London
  • Financial Ombudsmen

For further information about training or to book our team please contact: