Music is Medicine

By Elisa
Posted: 29/11/2023

To continue our transformative Music Project for people living with brain injury, we need to raise £5,000.

Thanks to the Big Give Christmas campaignfrom 28 November to 5 December your donation will be doubled!

Music brings us joy, helps develop new skills, build self-esteem and increase wellbeing. Through our Music Project, our members share stories, make long lasting friendships, find a way to rebuild their identity and have fun. 

From daily music groups to 1-1 music therapy sessions, exciting workshops run by special guests and professional musicians, music is one of the pillars of our holistic approach and is part of the fabric of our community.  

Today you can help us continue our transformative Music Project for people living with brain injury.

Donate now and get you donation doubled by Big Give!

Music at Headway is my main therapy and is very important in my life.

This year, we’ve had the support of Don Powell from Slade, who visited us on the 30th of October to meet our members, drum along to “Merry Xmas Everybody“, and endorse the fantastic work we do to support people living with brain injury through the power of music.

“If there was a place like this when I had my head injury, it would have been incredible. Your money will be well used, you should see this place, I am totally overwhelmed!”.

Recently Don Powell shared the story of the terrible car accident that changed his life and left him with a brain injury. In an audio play called “Wonderin’ Y”, writer and performer Ian Pearce recreates the events that followed the accident, showing us how Don began to reconstruct his life with the support of his family, and the friendship of his fellow band members.

Listen to the play below. 

As our music co-ordinator James and Sam explained:

“Engaging with music helps members to build confidence and to reconnect with parts of themselves lost after brain injury. Most importantly it’s a lot of fun: for many of our members music is the highlight of the week, and the unbridled joy of the music groups reverberate throughout the centre.

In the future, we would like to start new projects alongside our art and dance groups. With your help, we can acquire more equipment, offer more workshops and provide new opportunities for our members to perform in public and collaborate with musicians and partners.”

Update: the Big Give campaign is now closed and thanks to our generous donors we reached our £5,000 target!

We are very grateful to Don Powell, Ian Pearce, John Barker and the Slade for Life community.

You can still support our Music Project! Thanks to your donations will be able to provide daily music groups, 1-1 music therapy sessions and workshops with professional artists to people living with brain injury.

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Posted: 16/04/2024

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