Community Support Stories - Emily

Alongside our Day Service we also run a Community Support Service, which sees staff supporting survivors of brain injury in their homes and out in their local community. We caught up with support worker Emily to tell us a little bit more about her role...

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Over the past year and a half I’ve been working with brain injury survivors to help them come to terms with their brain injury and help them gain sustaining tool sets for an independent life. Recovery is long and sadly in most cases it’s unlikely that they’ll ever fully recover or work again. Forming relationships is difficult, romantic ones even harder. Despite how serious the nature of their injuries are, our sessions are filled with laughter, connection and silly jokes. Sometimes rages and tempers but we try to be understanding.

With the announcement of the second lockdown, one of my clients had a heart attack and passed away. The strain of lockdown was a lot harder for the most vulnerable and the severely disabled than it was for you and I. Since he passed away, I’ve been furiously trying to draw and record my clients.

Here are some of the quick ‘clumsy’ drawings I've done of some members to keep a record of them: