Who is Headway East London?

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Specialist support & services for over 700 people every year

We offer services to brain injury survivors, their families and carers. This includes our Day Service, Neurological Therapies, Community Support, and Casework. As the effects of brain injury are long-term, so is our support.


A community of artists, musicians, foodies and friends

At the heart of our organisation are our amazing members. Together they represent a group of people who every day share their talents and skills to help one another through their brain injury experience.

Headway & brain injury

Living with a brain injury can be confusing, sometimes scary, and often presents new and challenging experiences for all involved.

We know our members are experts in their own injury, and only they can tell us what is most important to them. We combine this expertise with our own, empowering people affected by brain injury to explore new identities whilst developing new skills and interests along the way.

If you have questions about living with brain injury please get in touch to talk with the team. 

Every experience of brain injury is different and unique. A few years ago we ran a storytelling project called Who Are You Now? capturing some of these personal accounts. You can also read lots of factsheets about brain injury on the Headway UK website.

We provide lots of different services for both survivors of brain injury, their families and carers. Please visit the What We Do page to find out more.

To receive one of our services you must live within one of the 13 boroughs we serve. You’ll then need to fill out a referral form, after which one of the team will be in touch.

Anybody can make a referral for our services. You can even refer yourself! If you have any questions about this process please do call our centre and speak to one of the team.

How can I get involved?

Every contribution to our community matters. If you would like to get involved, there are plenty of ways to support Headway East London.

Donate to us!

Donations are vital to the work we do at Headway East London, and make a huge difference to the people and families we support. Make a one-off contribution or become a regular “Friend of Headway”.

Volunteer with us!

Volunteers are a huge part of our Day Service community. Working alongside the staff team, you will help to run activities whilst also spending valuable time with our members.

Fundraise for us!

Whether it’s signing up for a sponsored challenge or holding your own event, fundraising is a fantastic way to support Headway East London and can be a great personal achievement.

Read more aboutthe partnership work with our website sponsors

Explore members' work


Some of our members have been creating work at Headway East London for nearly two decades. Discover more on the studio website Submit to Love….

Margie's Fijian Feast

Baked Coconut Aubergine

“I learned to cook by watching my grandmother and sister. In Fiji, I enjoyed eating Shepherd’s pie and fish cooked in coconut milk. I just love food!”

Each week our members’ cook lunch for each other in the Day Service – sometimes bringing in their own recipes!

Canal Side Discs #44 Don

Canal Side Discs #45 Anna

Canal Side Discs #46 Affiong

Things that makes me happy

Check out the latest tunes from our resident musicians

How would you feel if you walked into your front room, first thing in the morning, in nothing but your pants, and you didn’t expect anyone there? I was thinking, ‘who is this?’ She sat there looking so pretty. I was looking sheepish. When you’re caught in a situation like that, you have to say something – you have to say anything. So I said something stupid like, “Do I know you?”, or “Do you know me?” 

And she said, “I don’t know”.

Many of our members publish poetry, prose, articles & interviews – only some reflect upon brain injury but all are vital modes of self expression

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If you would like any additional accessibility options that are not featured please contact info@headwayeastlondon.org