Headway Eats - Celebrating Cecil

Location: Headway East London
20/10/2022 6:30 pm – 20/10/2022 9:30 pm

This October we’re following in the footsteps of Headway East London member Cecil, from the shores of Georgetown, Guyana to the docks of Liverpool and finally on to London where he settled. A part of the Headway community for almost 20 years, Cecil is an active member of our Submit to Love art studio, and we will be showcasing Cecil’s artwork at the event as well as hearing about his life story and adventures first hand.

“I decided to stowaway on a boat that was coming up to England. I didn’t have the money or anything like that so I wait one night when the ship was on the dock on those things, and I swim in the sea, towards the ship, which was very deep and cold and things, and I climb up the anchor chain to get aboard. And that time I was more adventurous than now, I wouldn’t do it now!”

Join us for a relaxed evening of delicious, authentic cuisine at our canal-side home.

– Two courses + welcome drink – we cater for all dietary requirements!
– Support our work with local brain injury survivors, their families and carers

Headway Eats is a relaxed dining experience led by a group of brain injury survivors who are (re)discovering talents and skills. The menu has been developed and prepared by the team over a number of weeks, using fresh ingredients. We think the finished result rivals other professional offerings across the city, and offers a unique experience for diners.

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