The Mask Task

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Posted: April 7, 2021

The Mask Task is a design project run by Laura Salisbury, a PhD student specialising in Materials Science at the Royal Collage of Art. Laura has been working with members at Headway East London over the last three years, running a number accessible clothing projects.

We asked Laura to tell us a bit more about her current project and working with our members:

Mask Billy

The Mask Task is an exploratory project that re-thinks the mask as a canvas for social expression.

The face is an important part of communication and identity. Where it may be necessary to conceal parts of our face for safety, it can be a barrier to engaging with others. Right now, community resilience and camaraderie is important.

Mask Sandra

We wanted to explore the mask via a creative lens, as a piece of art to mark the sign of the times. Members have produced a range of personal responses. They have explored the identity of the mask to provide a greater insight into us as people. Just like a garment, it says something about them.”

Asides from this project, our members are also working with Laura to road test the wearability of what will become a “smart” garment that aims to help stroke survivors develop new neural connections. We look forward to hearing more about that in the future!

Mask Tirzah

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