Headway x Autograph

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Posted: 22/03/2019

Earlier this month, four artists from Submit to Love Studios at Headway exhibited work at Autograph Gallery in Shoreditch in a one night showcase event. We reflect on a very special night!

On Thursday 7th March, a selection of works by Headway members and artists Affiong Day, Cecil Waldron, Mohammed Sharif & Sam Jevon were exhibited at Autograph ABP Gallery as part of their Studio Showcase series. 

The evening pulled inspiration from the gallery’s current exhibition “The Space Between Things” by Phoebe Boswell (which our member Chris reviewed here) by exploring trauma, healing and poetics of injustice. In addition to a wonderfully curated show of illustrations, three of our artists took part in a public Q&A about their work and practices. 

Huge thanks to Autograph for the event, and to Studio Maba, who captured the evening & our artists’ work so beautifully in this video!

“Losing your abilities takes away your identity, but it also takes away ego. Humans are important, but they are not everything. I do art because I can, and because it’s something I don’t mind failing at – whereas learning to walk again, it did break my heart to fail at something so natural. I no longer have the temperament or the physical ability to put too much emphasis on the accuracy of my drawings. Mistakes happen naturally, and I can’t care about them like I used to. This carefreeness makes the drawings lighter, less conforming, more free and more expressive. In art I can find a use for my mistakes.” – Headway member and artist Affiong

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