2021 – What I’ve learnt, loved, loathed and look forward to…

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Posted: December 28, 2021

This year has been a bit of a mixed bag for many: whilst Spring and Summer brought new hope, uncertainty remains and we’re still navigating a new normal which could stretch on longer than we anticipated. But in the spirit of optimism, as we look towards 2022 we wanted to see what reflections our community has and what lessons we can take into the year ahead….

Yoki, Friday member


I learnt is to always stand up for what I believe in.

I loved about myself was courage.

I loathed waiting for the support I needed.

I look forward to passing my exams and starting a new chapter in my book.

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Michael, Thursday volunteer


I learnt is that a drink is an ice breaker for conversation.

I loved building relationships with members.

I loathed only having two sinks (in the Headway kitchen) – more please!

I look forward to seeing everybody again after Christmas.

Bella, Monday volunteer


I learnt to not take seeing friends and family for granted, even if that means sitting outside on a freezing December day!

I loved coming to Headway on a Monday, which genuinely has become my favourite day of the week.

I loathed online university… I never want to do another Zoom lecture!

I look forward to hopefully getting to see my grandma this Christmas and give her her present in person.

Daphne, Day Service Co-ordinator


I learnt that taking risks is not always a bad thing. I did so this year with my career and left a much-loved job to look after my father who was struggling with long Covid. Then when his health improved considerably, I was left with not much else to do except perhaps to take early retirement. I then stumbled on a job advert at Headway East London a couple of days before the deadline and took the chance of applying for it. I have now worked for HEL for the past six months and can honestly say the risks were well worth taking. I think it is a delightful place to work and more so, a wonderful place for people with acquired brain injuries to come to and simply be.

Daphne Blog

I loved taking every opportunity to spend time with my family. I have appreciated their value in my life so much more during this past year.

I loathed wearing face masks. While I always wear one and respect the idea it protects myself and others from the virus. I tend to mouth breath when wearing them and they cause me to have eczema behind my ears.

I look forward to travelling the world again and discovering new places, people, and cultures

Ziggy, Community Support Worker


I learnt is more about my members and their needs.

I loved when we were able to return to Headway and see members not seen for a while, felt like some form of normality.

I loathed the lockdown and how it must have felt for some of the members and how lonely some must have felt.

I look forward to new beginnings, new ideas and freedom if possible.

Par Deepnew

Pardeep, Trustee


I learnt is that anything is possible with the right mindset and resilience, even during difficult times. I became a trustee and a company director in the space of six months!

I loved spending so much more time with the family and appreciating the real value of a strong support system. Mindful meditation and self reflection allowed me to realise what is truly important.

I loathed the never ending uncertainty due to the continuing and ever changing impacts of the pandemic. Very difficult to plan things and have things to look forward to.

I look forward to hopefully returning to some kind of normality and a big summer holiday before my children start university and secondary school in September.

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