Headway East London offers services to brain injury survivors, their families and carers. These include our Day Service, neurological therapies, community support work, advice, advocacy and family support. As the effects of brain injury are long-term, so is our support.

At work in our onsite art studio

Day Service

Our Day Service, based at Headway House in Hackney, is a community which helps people make the most of their skills, abilities and interests.

The centre is open Monday to Friday, 10am-3pm for 48 weeks of the year, offering activities, outings and therapies, as well as professional and peer support. It also acts as a base for our other services. All members of Headway House have an assigned key worker who is responsible for their overall activity programme and personal plan.

To become a member you will need to complete a Referral Form, have funding secured and have an assessment with one of the staff at the Headway House.

Membership of the Day Service lasts as long as you need it to and as long as funding can be secured.

You can download a factsheet on our Day Service here.


Preparing for our daily lunch club

"I love this kitchen. It’s simple, it’s not hard for people with brain injury. The biggest thing I've learnt is unity. People work together. I do enjoy it a lot." - HEL member

Food is an integral part of our day, encouraging and supporting survivors of brain injury to learn or re-learn life skills and work together. Members help run a lunch club Monday to Friday, feeding everyone at our centre. We also run baking groups and support members to bring in and develop their own recipes to share.

Our Supper Club 'Headway EATS' treats diners to an evening of delicious, seasonal food; cooked by, served and eaten alongside Headway East London members, families, carers and friends. The event also welcomes members to share their talents for art, music and storytelling in a comfortable environment. 

The garden

Our garden runs the full length of Headway House along Regent’s Canal. This provides a peaceful setting for members to relax and socialise outdoors. As well as growing herbs and veg for the kitchen, we have built a cob oven which we use in the summer months. We also host public and private events throughout the year such as our annual family day. 


Our Tuesday choir in action

There are regular music groups in Headway House, where both staff, volunteers and members play and perform together. Our musicians have performed at many events and venues including Headway supper clubs and art exhibitions, the Regional Neurological Rehab Unit in Homerton Hospital and The Proud Archivist. We have also started our own SoundCloud account - showcasing the talents of our musical members.

Young People's Group

One of our recent graffiti projects

We also welcome a group of young adults over 18 and living with a brain injury to our centre each week (usually Fridays). Using peer support, this group lead activities suiting their interests. Recent examples include graffiti workshops, photography projects, skiing, kayaking, sailing and animation workshops.They form part of the community at Headway House, and have access to all activities and services as a member here. 

Writing Projects

Our members come from all over London and have lived extraordinary lives. Who Are You Now? is a writing project that captures some of these life stories. Members, staff and volunteers also regularly contribute to our blog - sharing their interests and experiences. 


A collaborative portrait painting by our members

"The art studio is peaceful, it’s creative. It’s all the things I want in order to have some sanity." - HEL member

Submit to Love Studios at Headway East London is about creativity, collaboration and communication. We encourage both those with natural artistic inclinations and those with little previous experience to explore visual arts. Many have lost previous abilities so discovering a new skill is a great confidence booster and can reinforce the healing process. 

Neurological Therapy Service

Headway East London provides neurological physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychological services, neuropsychology and complementary therapy for people affected by brain injury living in London.

Each of our therapists has a minimum of 10 years’ experience working with people affected by brain injury as well as post graduate training.

Our unique inter-disciplinary approach offers neurological therapies alongside community support work, our day service and occupational projects. Therapies can be offered at our centre in East London, at someone’s home, or at another venue in the community. We offer a professional service to individuals, families, case managers, solicitors and statutory organisations.

You can download a factsheet on our Therapy Service here.

What we offer & referrals

  • Specialist multi-displinary and medico legal reports
  • Inter-disciplinary neurological rehabilitation
  • Uni-disciplinary neurological rehabilitation
  • Upper limb therapy including Sabeoflex
  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Clinical neuropsychology
  • Health psychology
  • Couple and family counselling
  • Neurodisability management
  • Vocational opportunities
  • Case-coordination
  • Pain management
  • Group therapies
  • Complementary therapies

We accept referrals from any individual, their family / carer or any professional. If you wish to refer please complete a Referrral Form and return to Headway East London.

For further information please contact Nora Brennan, Therapy Manager on

Community Brain Injury Service

During 2017 and 2018 Headway East London will be working with Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) to deliver a brand new service in the borough of Enfield.

The Community Brain Injury Service provides specialist therapy services for adults with a non-progressive acquired brain injury except a stroke. 

You can find out more about the service, pathways and referral process by reading our factsheet below.

Psychological therapy placements

We accept students on placement who are in their second year (or above) of Masters or Doctorate level training in the following disciplines:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Counselling psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Art psychotherapy
  • Dance and movement psychotherapy
  • Music therapy

Please contact Tina Greenhill, Lead Counsellor/Psychotherapist, on for more information.

Community Support Work

We have an experienced team of community support workers specialising in supporting brain injury survivors in their own homes and local communities.   

The service can be offered in conjunction with our other services, whilst Support Workers have access to our team of experienced staff and therapists.

You can download a factsheet on our Community Support Worker Service here.

Community support we offer

Personalised support plans are developed to enable the people we work with to live their life in the way they want to and achieve their goals. This can include:

  • A strong focus on social activities, education or work
  • Managing complex activities at home like managing finances, budgeting and paperwork

Our Support Workers work with individuals to develop and maintain a daily and weekly structure which promotes well-being. We take great care to work collaboratively with someone's family and friends, Case Managers and other professionals involved in rehabilitation. All of our Support Workers:

  • Have direct experience of working with survivors of brain injury (many having been volunteers at Headway House)
  • Can arrange joint sessions with the therapy team to develop specific strategies to help someone achieve their goals

Referring for community support

To receive this service, you will need to complete a Referral Form and have an assessment. 

For a full service specification and additional information please email

Casework & Support Groups

Our team provides advice, advocacy, support and signposting for brain injury survivors and their family/ carers.

From early intervention work, to community support groups and peer support work – each individual can access the information and services most suited to their needs. This can take place alongside other services offered at Headway East London, or as a stand-alone offering.

You can download a factsheet on our Casework Service here.

You can also sign up to our support group e-mailing lists to find news of upcoming meetings & relevant information or support: Hackney and Romford

Advice & advocacy

We offer information, advice, advocacy, support and signposting to families and brain injury survivors in relation to housing issues, welfare benefits, health and social care services among others. 

The effect of the current economic climate can sometimes lead to the loss of vital support systems. Our team are able to support Headway East London members, and those living within our catchment area, to secure their rights & represent their interests through direct advocacy and / or representation. Headway East London also provides a monthly advice clinic to discuss these issues in more depth. 

If you or someone you know has had a brain injury and needs assistance with any of the above issues or similar, issues please contact us or download a referral form to access advice and advocacy. Please note this is not a drop-in service.

Support groups & drop-ins

This is a service for family members, carers and survivors of brain injury. Either a family member or the person with the brain injury must live within Headway East London’s catchment area. We currently run two support groups in Hackney and Havering where experienced staff can offer emotional support as well as signposting to other services (We may require some further details from you ahead of you attending any of our Support Groups. Continued attendance at support groups is at the discretion of the organisation)

We are always looking for opportunities to run support groups in other areas, or set up groups specifically for carers, and if you would like to suggest options for these, please contact 

*Unfortunately Romford Support Group is currently at full capacity. Please call 020 7749 7790 to express an interest in attending

Working in hospitals

We offer an early intervention support service 'First Steps' at the Royal London Hospital and Homerton Hospital's Regional Rehabilitation Unit. Here brain injury survivors and their family members can access information, emotional support and assistance during a very difficult transition period. This project is supported by the The National Lottery Community Fund, and we have recently published the 2017 Evaluation to our work. This project was also sponsored by Osbornes Law during 2017-18.


Peer support work

Our two Peer Support Workers work closely alongside the Casework team, delivering support and guidance to both brain injury survivors and their families. Using their own personal experience of brain injury, they can help identify some of the challenges that survivors may face whilst also offering strategies and advice to overcome these.

These posts have been kindly sponsored by Anthony Gold Solicitors and Bolt Burdon Kemp.

Brain injury identity card

We support our members to apply for Headway’s FREE brain injury identity card, which survivors can use if they find themselves in a difficult or emergency situation. It will help to improve brain injury identification and ensure they are provided with the support they need. It also displays a legal helpline number which can be used to request criminal legal advice and representation.

Saturday Social

Running on the first Saturday of every month, this is an opportunity for brain injury survivors living in our catchment area (and not currently accessing our day service) to meet and share a meal with other survivors. The food is prepared by the group and everyone chips in towards the cost of the ingredients.

Due to high demand, attendance is currently by invitation only. All members must be able to travel to and from Headway East London independently. Find the next Saturday Social here


Headway East London runs Member-Led training to help people understand more about acquired brain injury and the impact it can have. Members share their expertise about living with brain injury, through presentations, active learning tasks and personal stories, in ways which are highly engaging. The Training Team are passionate about raising awareness and providing brain injury education, and about championing the role of Headway and the Third Sector. Training is bespoke: adapted to the needs of the audience. It can range from an hour's talk to a one-day workshop.

Training we offer

"Your members were amazing and so insightful and articulate about their journeys and experiences.... this type of teaching is invaluable so thank you so much for your time." - University lecturer, 2016

Over the last few years Members have provided brain injury training for:

  • University students (physio, OT, speech and language therapy, podiatry, neuroscience and social work)
  • Health and social care professionals
  • Solicitors and lawyers
  • Transport for London
  • Financial Ombudsmen

Headway East London Members are also involved in a Pan-Disability Training Project in Hackney.

For further information about training please contact Amanda D'Souza, Clinical Lead:

Referring to our services

If you wish to refer someone to any of the Headway East London services, please contact us on 020 7749 7790 or download a referral form below:

Referral Form (Word Version)
Referral Form (PDF)

Please note that Headway Services must be funded for a person to attend and/or receive the service. See the Referral Form for service costs.

Please send completed forms to:

Headway East London
Timber Wharf
238-240 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AX

Please ensure you enclose all supporting documentation.