Not Just a Conference

By Elisa
Posted: 08/11/2023

Our first brain injury conference brought more than 70 people to our centre in Haggerston to hear about brain injury from people with lived experience.

On Thursday 19 November we hosted Not Just a Conference, an event dedicated to all professionals working with people living with brain injury.

The conference has been co-produced with our members, building on their experience and our expertise to empower professionals to deliver better, fairer and more informed support by providing insight into what it means to live with a brain injury.

Our members shared their stories in front of an audience of over 70 people, including solicitors, ambulance drivers, care workers, doctors, and DWP employees. They provided unique insights into the effects of brain injury on the family, mental health challenges after brain injury and the experience of brain injury from birth.

We also had the opportunity to hear from Alice Kershberg, Neurotrauma Clinical Nurse Specialist at Royal London Hospital, who explained the effects of brain injury on the brain, and from Dr Mark Holloway, researcher and Brain Injury Case Manager at Head First, who discussed the need for professionals to understand the nature of brain injury and how it affects behaviour and communication.

A film about our volunteer Barrie was a compelling starting point to talk about invisible disabilities, and the day ended with practical workshops to illustrate executive dysfunction, cognitive overload and mobility and coordination challenges experienced by people living with brain injury. 

Here is what the attendees said about the event:

What an amazing day! Inspiring, thought provoking, informative.

“Fantastic mix of speakers showing all sides of the story.

Fantastic conference, has definitely inspired us to do something locally.

I am leaving feeling empowered to better support people with brain injury and hopefully one day can make a place like East Headway at home where I’m from.

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