A List of Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss, and Won’t Forget​

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Posted: April 14, 2020

This week we asked a few of our volunteers to reflect on life during lockdown and all the changes that have come with it, asking them to list: Things I Miss, Don’t Miss, Won’t Miss, and Won’t Forget…

Sam on a long country walk


What I Already Miss:

My girlfriend, my friends, eating out, the pub, live music, Liverpool FC and volunteering at Headway 😉

What I Don’t Miss:

Being overly invested in future plans and the cars on the road outside my bedroom window.

What I Won’t Miss:

The lack of structure, hectic sleeping patterns and increased screen time.

What I Won’t Forget:

Taking care of yourself and finding time to be present are vital. I won’t forget how important it’s been to slow down, reflect and honour my emotions whatever they are. And going for massive walks in the country is good for you.


At the end of this week it will be my fifth week of lockdown.

What I Already Miss:

I very quickly missed seeing people face to face. So much is said by looking at someone when speaking to them.

As I write this I remember how some days the only people I spoke to were those standing at a bus stop, or someone sitting next me, or a cashier. I felt as I got older that it was a privilege I could enjoy since no one ever seem to be offended if I made a remark about the weather, of course; but more often than not about whatever the big news was of the day. Once at home, I remember thinking how good it was to be in the UK, for in France where I come from people are not friendly in this way.

What I Don’t Miss:

I don’t miss rushing to be on time here or there. I hate being late and I find waiting for someone who is not on time, or someone who is not precise about when they will meet me stressful.

I imagine a therapist will have a theory about childhood in this neurosis; for in my youth I was notoriously unreliable at time keeping. But as I begun to lose friends I went around changing all my clocks and had them half an hour earlier. I managed to trick myself to this day. Now my only two clock are 15 minutes earlier than ”real” time. Of course having a mobile means I do get stressed as sometimes I can now be late!

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Claudine’s embroidery on day 3

What I Won’t Miss:

I won’t miss being confronted with myself as I feel I am at present.

It has become an increasing pressure; although in some way I am lucky for as an artist I can entertain myself! In another way I have many projects to complete which I intended to do so as I am approaching 70 (next year) and one does begin to think about “clearing the desk and putting one’s affair in order”. So once done, I won’t miss this pressure at being confront my fantasy of living as if immortal!

What I Won’t Forget:

The fresh air, the calm street, and especially my amazing daughter, friends and my neighbours who have been so generous and kind. I had no idea the neighbour saw me as “an old lady” and felt very moved when few young neighbours came to offer doing some shopping for me. I have never experienced this attention in my immediate locality even though I have lived in my street since February 1982. I have felt very moved by this new feeling of belonging. I won’t forget the kind visit of a few friends who come to talk to me, standing near the pavement, while I sat on the front steps of the house.

Also before this lockdown I had planned to have a break from Headway so that I could make time to finish my artwork and writing. Having to isolate myself for health reasons, I soon really appreciated Headway being there! And I won’t forget how wonderful it is have this exchange, this brilliant feeling of community and to enjoy the members as a volunteer.

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Barrie’s homage to Millwall Football Team


What I Already Miss:

  • Headway East London
  • Singing live
  • The Geezers
  • Pubs and Restaurants
  • Live Football – Millwall FC
  • Social Interaction

What I Don’t Miss:

Travelling on Buses

What I Won’t Miss:

The Coronavirus and isolation

What I Won’t Forget:

The weekly Applause of NHS and associated support workers like Carers/ Delivery Drivers/ Shop Staff and Chemists

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