Community Support Work Service

Tailored, collaborative support for survivors within their communities

Our community support workers collaborate with survivors to help them live life the way they want to. Together they identify needs, explore goals and come up with a personal support plan.

Community support workers can help to:

  • complete daily tasks, attend appointments and plan meals
  • develop and maintain a daily and weekly structure
  • take part in activities, interests and exercise
  • monitor health and maintain wellbeing
  • manage finances and paperwork
  • access other services and support
  • engage in education or training
  • work – paid or voluntary.

Our community support workers also take great care to collaborate across a survivor’s community, with their family, friends, carers, case managers and other support professionals.

"If it wasn’t for Headway, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and there’s no way I would have started or completed my course. Headway even helped me get funding for the course, transport and a laptop"
CSWS member

Who is our Community Support Work Service for?

For some people, partnering up with a community support worker starts by filling out a Referral Form and having an assessment with one of our team. Others are referred to us by their caseworkers or professionals. Many are also members of our Day Service. With the referral criteria and funding in place, we can work alongside survivors in their own homes and local communities, collaborating with family, friends, carers and others involved in their support.

If you wish to refer someone to any of the Headway East London services, please contact us or download a referral form below.

T: 020 7749 7790

Download Referral Form (PDF)
Download Referral Form (Word)

Please send completed forms to:

Headway East London
Timber Wharf
238-240 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AX

Ensure you enclose all supporting documentation.

Funding for Headway Services

Please note that Headway Services must be funded for a person to attend and or receive the service. See the Referral Form for service costs.

What happens in our Community Support Work Service?

Available 52 weeks of the year (Monday to Friday), our members know they will be matched with a support worker who shares their interests and is experienced and trained in brain injury issues. Many have been volunteers in Headway’s Day Service. All have access to our team of highly skilled staff, therapists and caseworkers. Building up from a minimum block of 4 hours in one day per week, we can provide and review the amount of support that a survivor needs.

What next?

Want to find out more? Read our factsheet. Want to refer someone or be referred? Download and fill out our Referral Form.

For more feedback from our members, read our 2019 Community Support Service survey

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