Lisa-Jane's story

Lisa-Jane talk about why she has supported Headway East London since the beginning. 

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"I will never turn down the opportunity to visit HEL when food is involved!"

Many years ago a friend of mine was involved in a nasty car accident (is there any other kind?). She fractured several bones and banged her head. She was cut from her car and rushed to hospital by helicopter. It took about a year for her to get back on her feet. Lots of our friends remember her in a wheelchair and remember her using crutches and walking with a limp. Very few of them remember or ever knew that she suffered a head injury. She went back to work as quickly as she could. 

Everyone marvelled that she was back on her feet and how well her scars were healing. She looked great, but was she?

Few people to this day know about her head injury and the effect it has on her life each day; on her personality, on her day at work, on her memory, on her ability to maintain friendships and to make new friends. She still looks like my friend, she still sounds like my friend, she still is my friend. We all have our ‘little ways’. She describes her ‘little ways’ as being different now.

I already knew about Headway UK but did some research for her about local organisations and that’s when I found out more about Headway East London. I have now been involved in the charity for almost 20 years.

Headway East London reflects all of my friends in one way or another whether it be  helping someone deal with the day to day problems caused by a head injury or raising awareness to help others.     

I always enjoy my visits to HEL – from way back when everything happened in one room to the fantastic space you occupy now. I love the atmosphere, there’s always something going on – beautiful creative pieces of art coming to life, interesting people to sit and chat with, stories to read (and the food, don’t get me started on the food - I will never turn down the opportunity to visit HEL when food is involved!)

I’ve met some amazing people over the years at HEL and it’s important that everyone involved is supported to keep on doing what they do. But there are also many personal benefits to be gained by getting involved with an organisation that does such life changing work.

How can I get involved?

There are many ways to support Headway East London - whether it's volunteering, becoming a Friend of Headway, making a donation, taking part in fundraising or lending your services to a good cause.

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