The Object of My Affection

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Posted: May 4, 2020

As part of our “Home Not Alone” campaign, and inspired by an artistic challenge set by our volunteer Tiiu, we’ve been asking members of our community to share objects from their house that mean a lot to them. It might be something they’ve always loved, or something that’s taken on a greater significance lately. It’s a way of sharing a little part of our homes and lives with each other whilst we’re apart.

Share yours with us and tag #homenotalone #objectofmyaffection

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Here is the piece that started it all – a look into the monotony of everyday, and the things that start to hold greater significance whilst we’re at home.

Please look at the following image and listen to the recording as you do:

“Everyday is the same” on Soundcloud.


At first, I was not sure whether to focus on an object that reminded me of my life ‘before’ the lockdown…or to focus on an object I ‘rediscovered’ because it suddenly became useful as my daily life at home changed and so represented this change. I have decided to focus on representing this change. But now realise all object in one’s home are a piece of one’s life history. It is interesting to see which bit of this history now unfolds because of Covid 19.

I remembered my niece making a delicious apple jam. So I hunted for a recipe, ordered some jam jars from Amazon, and set about to make enough jam for each person who so kindly helps me (during this time). Then I fished out an object I had wanted to use since 1983! A colleague, who was getting married and was clearing his flat gave me this strange little object which he said was to de-cork apples, and had belonged to his grand-mother during the last war. It reminded me of object from rural France, my origin. After trying a number of ways unsuccessfully to de-cork kilos of apples, I now wonder if he knew what this object is for. All this object did was to unfold one clear memory.

Jons Snail


I was hitchhiking in Somalia in 1987 and I was really into hippopotamuses, I even went to a lake in Zaire….there were 30,000 hippopotamuses there, which are always sourced for their ivory now, and teeth. I stayed there for about a week or two, and I still hadn’t got enough of hippopotamuses! So when this guy who picked me up, and I was hitchhiking right in the bush… he said “I’ve got hippopotamuses on my land” and he said “I’ll take you to my lagoon where they are”. And by the time we got the lagoon it had all dried up, and there were just these snails on the dried up mud. So I picked up one, that was my little souvenir, and that’s on my bathroom window!”

Listen to Jon tell the full story on Soundcloud.


Every year my mum buys me a pair of slippers for Christmas. Nothing fancy. For a few years I was really into the old lady slippers with Velcros but now my feet get too hot. Enter the slider slipper! Anyone who knows me knows I love pattern and animal print. As you can see, these are WELL worn and loved (and probably past their sell-by date), but they help jazz up even the dullest of pyjamas and I’m yet to find a better pair!

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This means a lot to me at the moment because it was made by one of Headway’s best-loved characters, Errol, and I miss him. It is his version of Auguste Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ and I bought it at the Open Studio sale last year as a Christmas gift for my wife Jane. It sits on top of a cupboard near our front door, and every time it catches my eye I think of Errol, thinking, as he does a lot, when he’s not singing.


This is a photo of my granddad with my mum, she was his favourite child. My family is so important to me, I need my mum and I love her. It’s hard to explain but she’s been there for me. My mum brings out the soft side of me and I’ve learnt to love from her. My mum is my mum.

Mark W


iPod and headphones: I will dance on for life love life and proud in people being happy. I dance for the love off people feeling happy.

Kombucha maker: this is one off my loves to my fantastic body. Simple love it and don’t kill it plz.


Pickles (not an object but deffo has all of the affection) was really hard work when I got her as a puppy. It took a lot of training and bonding. Don’t think there will ever be another dog like her, she is like my second daughter. My daughter says that she looks forward to seeing Pickles more than me! Pickles keeps me busy and active as she needs to be walked so I take her round the back streets to make sure we are safe. Pickles always puts a smile on my face and has been keeping me busy during lock down.


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