Osbornes supporting Headway East London

Osbornes Law are proud to work with Headway East London supporting:

  • This website which provides details of so many vital services for brain injury survivors.
  • Advice and advocacy - we understand the importance of intervention at the earliest opportunity and Headway East London continue to deliver an important support service. This includes emotional support (offered remotely), education on brain injury and signposting to families who may be high risk following discharge.
  • Video Q&A project to address key questions asked, by survivors and their families, who may need to pursue a legal case after suffering brain injury. You can find the first of these videos below (and view the full range on the Osbornes YouTube channel):

In addition to supporting three projects Osbornes staff are committed to fundraising – helping to run events and taking part! In early 2020, the team hosted a fundraising Art Fair where they were able to showcase the wonderful work of so many talented artists who attend the Submit to Love Art Studio.

"Through our work as specialist brain injury solicitors we know how traumatic brain injury can change lives dramatically. Sophie Davies and Ben Posford, partners at Osbornes Law specialise in this area of law, understand the challenges of complex brain injury and the need for rehabilitation, at the earliest opportunity, interim payments and access to expert advice on welfare benefits. Sophie has actively led the firm’s support of Headway East London for a number of years now and regularly supports brain injury survivors through the process of making a legal claim.

Working with Tony and his team is an absolute pleasure and, an even greater pleasure, is our visits to Headway’s centre to meet brain injury survivors."