Member Mike reviews 'Wings'

Last week a group of us were lucky to go see the Young Vic's production of Wings - we asked member Mike to let us know his thoughts....

Wings 1

"Where is my arm? What is my arm?” In these first two lines Juliet Stevenson brilliantly captures the immediate fear and confusion of having a stroke. Suspended by wires over a plain white stage, Stevenson, playing Mrs Stilson, a middle aged retired wing-walker, is asked a series of simple, seemingly patronising questions by medical staff, designed to reboot her severely damaged brain. Continually and dramatically suspended above the stage, she slowly realises what has happened, and we see her work towards a kind of – though realistically incomplete – recovery.

This adaptation of Arthur Kopit's 1976 radio play is a visual spectacle revealing the disaster of stroke and the immense difficulty of recovery.
Having suffered a stroke myself in 2015 I could relate to much of the content of Wings. The disorientation displayed by Stevenson trapped and suspended perfectly represents my own early days following the stroke when the control I had over my body, and took for granted, was gone. 
This dramatic study should be seen by anyone who knows someone affected by stroke.

Huge thanks to the Young Vic for inviting us to see this production - 'Wings' runs until 4th November.