Our London Symphony Orchestra outing!

We were lucky enough to attend a lunchtime concert at LSO St Luke's. Read on to find out more!

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Today we popped over to LSO St Luke's on Old Street, to enjoy one of their 'Northern Lights' series, organised by Rachel Leach. As soon we arrived, we were greeted by the sight of an enormous grand piano, large windows and an impressive turnout of opera lovers. The soprano (Mirjam Mesak, pictured below) sang a total of 11 songs, 6 by Edvard Grieg and the rest by the lesser known composer Eduard Tubin. Here's what our members and volunteers had to say!


"The music was inspirational, very relaxing. It was good to find out more about this Tubin [the composer]... it's a little bit of knowledge that we’ve discovered! We didn’t know anything about him before, and now we have a relationship with his music. The lady’s voice was dynamic."

Sarah, Dolores, Firoza and Music Coordinator Izzy!
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The Soprano and Pianist


"The singer was very good, and her voice was powerful. Operatic singing is kind of a selective taste, not everybody likes it. I do! It added a bit of culture to our Friday afternoon."


"I thought it was amazing, she was so small and slight with this huge voice! It completely transported me and I actually forgot where I was. It was really beautiful. Even just getting on the bus with everyone was quite fun!"


"I loved it. You felt really immersed in what she was singing, and the emotions around that as well. You are absorbed in the moment, and you feel like you're elsewhere. It transported me to a relaxed, beautiful place - it was almost a getaway! I was in a different world. Things like that in opera are normally quite expensive, to see that for free was fantastic."