Headway EATS: A Turkish Feast!

As we approach the next Headway EATS event on the 14th September, we talk you through our last supper club. Here is the Turkish cuisine that guests enjoyed back in July!

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Our guests were greeted at the door and directed into the Headway Garden, overlooking Regent's Canal. There they were served a 'Watermelon Shrub' - a refreshing mix of watermelon and fresh mint poured over crushed ice. As the guests chatted and relaxed outside, it was a flurry of activity in the Headway kitchen. 

Homemade flatbreads, made outside in the Headway pizza oven, were arranged on plates alongside a delectable range of dips: a smoky aubergine baba ganoush, creamy taramasalata and Cacık (a fresh yoghurt dip similar to a tzatziki). A broadbean salad, grown in our garden, was placed alongside and served by HEL members Danny and Keith.

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The outdoor barbecue was fired up by chef Thomas, and aided by Zuber (one of our day centre coordinators) they barbecued the main course: delicious homemade lamb burgers. This was served with halloumi and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. 

Finally, the amazing dessert course of hot mint tea and baklava. Earlier in the day, the members had prepared this beautiful sweet pastry made from layers of filo dough and crushed nuts soaked in honey. The hot mint tea perfectly offset the richness of the baklava. There wasn't an empty plate in the house!

Entertainment was provided by the incredibly talented Ibrahim, accompanied by Izzy. He played several traditional Turkish songs on the sitar, including 'Esegt Saldim Gayira' and 'Orville Orville', while his family proudly looked on. 

If you would like to buy tickets to our next supper club, click here! It will take place at Headway House on Kingsland Road on the 14th September, between 6.30- 9pm. Keep checking our instagram and twitter to get hints of what we'll be serving up...

This event is kindly sponsored by Anthony Gold Solicitors. This means all ticket money supports our services!

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