20 Faces of Headway (part 4)

To celebrate 20 years we're introducing you to 20 people behind the charity...

Adrian 2


What's kept you working at Headway for 16 years?

"People who partner with us often comment on the 'specialness' of Headway. And that's because it is a special place, where everyone is valued and offered opportunities to thrive and feel fulfilled. I have been privileged to have been part of Headway's 20 years journey and would love you to join us, as we embark on the next 20 years"

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What motivates you to volunteer at Headway?

“The members, being with them, working alongside them and their art, it gets me up in the morning. It gives me self-belief”


What’s the best part of Headway?

“Headway enables you to speak, to keep a conversation with someone – an ability I believed was dead. Sometimes I ask a lot of questions, maybe without realising that I have asked the same question ten times, but in Headway I don't feel worried to have to ask again and again because they will know why I ask so much”

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How would you describe Headway to a newbie?

“Even when times are tough the feeling on the floor is still the same though. It’s an upbeat and happy-go-lucky place, always looking forward. No-one is made to do anything – you’re offered things but it’s all your choice, and once you join you don’t want to leave”


What’s the best part of your day?

“Two parts: when I wake up, starting a new day, you don’t know what’s going to happen and it’s exciting isn’t it? But also at the end of the day, just sitting down and relaxing after a hard day.”