20 Faces of Headway (part 3)

To celebrate 20 years we're introducing you to 20 people behind the charity...

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Tell us about your experience at Headway...

"I remember starting at Headway and being quite nervous. I think the main thing is that it’s very friendly. Doing things like the member led teaching and training: that’s what I really enjoy. It means I get to pass on what I know. I’ve come a long way with that."

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How did you first become aware of Headway?

“I was approached by a parent some years ago who knew I had been raising money for different charities. He explained the accident his son had had some years earlier and how the one day a week that headway East London cared for his son enabled his family to have a much needed break in the knowledge he was being well cared for. He added that headway East London offered more assistance than the local authority network. The humility of the parent and sincere words made it impossible for me not to respond. Since that day some twelve years or so ago I have happily supported the project and will continue to do so”


What’s the best part of Headway?

“The people…. Everyone contributes to a really relaxed and calm environment. It feels really safe here.”

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What motivates you to keep volunteering at Headway?

“It’s a very life-affirming place I suppose. People here have had these huge things happen to them that have completely shaken up their life and identity. Then they come here and really do something with that experience. The art room for me was such a wonderful introduction to Headway. I was struck by people making and trying things out.”


What’s the best part of your job?

“Being able to support people towards reaching their goals. There’s a great sense of fulfilment for us both when we can work together to achieve something that’s really important to the individual and which might have seemed out of reach before”