20 Faces of Headway (part 1)

To celebrate 20 years we're introducing you to 20 people behind the charity...

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What do you like most about working at Headway? 

“I feel very lucky to work here and be part of such an amazing community of individuals. Members, volunteers and staff: all of us contribute to make this place so unique. It makes me really proud when we’re able to share the amazing things happening here with the public through member-led events. Their talents deserve a bigger audience”



What's special about Headway?

“Everything – everything! The people, the community, the feeling like I’m part of something. It’s a bigger thing than just a day centre, there’s peer support, staff support and there’s fun. Headway really promotes fun, whether that’s in the kitchen, in music or in Submit to Love Studios. Headway’s one of those places where, if you think about it, it’s possible, all you have to do is mention it and it suddenly happens, and that’s an amazing thing


How would you describe Headway East London to a newbie? 

"Headway’s culture encourages everyone to be themselves, because all of us have a valuable contribution to make, whether we’re a member, a volunteer, or staff. The atmosphere is friendly, the staff are helpful, and there are opportunities for members of all abilities to take part in new activities or events, or just to enjoy being amongst friends.”



What was your experience of setting up Headway?  

“No-one was there to meet me when I started work, I had to work it out for myself… I based it on what I knew and I’ve always had a lot of people around at my home, so I treated this the same way…It’s about treating people as I would like to be treated if I had a brain injury, not patronised but encouraged to figure out how to create a positive future”


What motivates you to keep volunteering at Headway? 

“Between the members – who are amazing – to the people that work here, to the other volunteers: I just meet the most amazing people every week. There’s a real community down here. It’s a magic, special place. To be part of something like that is an honour and a blessing, and that’s what drives me to come back.”