"Making Faces" Art Exhibition at Southbank Centre

Royal Festival Hall, Southbank Centre

0 T2 A3146

This August, Hackney-based art collective Submit to Love Studios are exhibiting a series of works and installations by artists who have survived brain injuries. Running from 3rd- 23rd August in Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall, Making Faces explores the role of the physical and emotional in the formation of identity....

The face is a moving map shaped by inheritance, by our feelings and by life events. It's also a billboard, a signalling post watched constantly by others for clues about our thoughts. Fractured, funny, affable, awkward; in the plane of the face, identity is negotiated and self-construction collides with reminders of what others gather - rightly or wrongly - from a first impression. In Making Faces, the artists of Submit to Love Studios explore the face, the body, the self and the disjuncture between what is seen and what is felt. 

Supported by Osbornes Law.

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