Headway // Science Museum Lates "Medicine"

Science Museum, Exhibition Road

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Join us for an evening of talks & workshops as our members explore identity after brain injury

We're thrilled to be joining the Science Museum Lates event "MEDICINE" this month! Billed as an adult only evening of relaxed learning on a particular theme, on 25th July the museum will be commemorating the 70th anniversary of the NHS through a series of talks/workshops/events & activities. Headway East London is thrilled to be taking over their "Who Am I?" exhibition space on Floor 1 for the evening - exploring identity and life after brain injury for survivors who have been saved by the NHS. 

Our members will be giving their own talks, or supported through Q&As to talk about their experiences by answering key questions dotted around the room. We'll also have a drop-in creative table, where visitors can come & speak with members whilst also creating their own memento of the night to take home with them! You'll also be able to grab a copy of our brand new magazine & view films created by our members throughout too. 

Entry to the museum is FREE and the evening runs 6.45pm - 10pm (with Headway East London events taking place between 7-9pm). We hope to see you there! Full list of Headway events are as follows:

What Are You Afraid Of?
7.15 – 7.45pm
Survivor Phil describes his 'Jekyll and Hyde' experience of living with fatigue after brain injury - and how art and writing have helped him understand it. 
Can You Be Rebuilt?
7.15 – 7.45pm
Brain injury survivor Chris explores this question in the context of his own stroke story and changing physical self. 

You Must Remember This?
8.30 – 9pm
Former software engineer Matthew, in conversation with friend and author Ben Platts-Mills, describes the challenge of living with 'false memories' following a life-saving operation to remove a cyst in his brain. 
Am I My Past or My Present?
8.30 – 9pm
Brain injury survivor Yoki reflects on the notion of defining herself through flashbacks to a former life. 
Find Your Features
Drop in, 7 – 9pm
Can the experiences of an individual be seen on their face? How far is someone's identity dictated by physical recognition? Scour through hundreds of cut out eyes/noses/lips and facial features to create your own doppelganger with a difference. What element of this new face/identity is recognisable as you? What have you changed and why?