20p Change Challenge


Save your 20ps in 2017!

Want to help Headway East London celebrate 20 years of supporting brain injury survivors? Our 20p Change Challenge is a super easy way to get involved. Simply save your 20ps throughout the year and donate the proceeds to Headway at the end of the year.

If you save just one 20p coin everyday, after a year you would have raised £73 which can make a big difference at Headway East London. It could help us fund:

  • An exciting outing for our Young Person's Group
  • 6 weeks of our baking group
  • New art materials for our studio

If you'd like to give the Challenge a go, please get in touch with us at support-us@headwayeastlondon.org and we'll send you a special 20p Change Challenge collection pot and information about how to pay in your donation at the end of the Challenge.

Thank you for your support!