Jason Ferry exhibition: "Affirmations"

We're so excited to announce the first solo exhibition of member and artist Jason Ferry's work at Public Gallery on 5th & 6th October - we'd love you to join us!


Jason first came to Headway East London in 2016. An East End lad, who was initially cautious about the art studio, our art co-ordinators soon encouraged him to develop his own style from tracing his favourite book covers to free hand self portraits bursting with colour and emotion....

"Once unleashed, the work seems to flow out of him in a stream of creativity. He picks up pencils, paint, posca pens and biros seemingly at random in service of these strange, hallucinogenic visions. There’s an unsettling contrast between the mild-mannered and inconspicuous man I’ve got to know and the eye-searing strangeness of the artwork he’s creating. Jason doesn’t reflect much on his work beyond the matter-of-fact, he enjoys it and seems pleased by the results, but the content is never discussed in any detail. His art is expression in the purest sense of the word, communicating what cannot be verbalised and manifesting the invisible." - Art Studio Co-ordinator Connie

We're so excited to announce Jason's first solo exhibition at Public Gallery in Hackney Downs. 'Affirmations' sees both abstracts and portraits presented through a kaleidoscope of colour. 

On the 5th & 6th October 12-6pm, you'll have the chance to purchase original pieces, prints & limited products featuring Jason's designs.

We will also be hosting a FREE (and open to all) Private view event on Friday 5th October 6-8pm where you can meet the artist himself and raise a toast. 

"When you come into the studio your mind just goes adrift – and that’s brilliant. [In the studio], you can talk or listen to music while you’re working – and your mind just goes phew. I’d done art in secondary school and a little bit in Homerton [Hospital], but here you have the space and time. It’s one of my favourite places." - Jason

Jason forms part of art collective Submit to Love Studios, the onsite art studio based at brain injury charity Headway East London. From here members can explore creativity in any number of forms: be that painting, illustration, sculpture, printwork, or observation. It's a relaxed, social space which encourages "discovery through art" for all who enter through its doors.

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