“Medical Marvels” at Science Museum Lates event

Headway East London is thrilled to be taking part in a series of upcoming talks and activities at the Science Museum, exploring identity and life after brain injury. Part of the museum’s Lates series, “Medicine” on Wednesday 25th July (6.45 – 9.30pm) marks an adult-only evening of learning to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the NHS.


Taking over the “Who Am I?” exhibition space within the museum, brain injury survivors (members) from the charity will be hosting four different talks throughout the night alongside a drop-in creative workshop. Each billed event will focus on an aspect of identity, explored from the perspective of individuals whose physical and emotional selves have been dramatically changed. The informal talks will also invite visitors to explore their own responses to questions such as “Can you be rebuilt?” and “What are you afraid of?” as part of a wider conversation about identity. 

“It will open up on the struggle we fight each day”   

Headway East London member Yoki was a teenager when she sustained her brain injury through illness. She now lives with memory and concentration problems, and has issues with her mobility and speech. In “Am I my past or my present?” she will be exploring whether you can (or should) define yourself by your past memories and experiences.   

She said: "The most important thing personally for me in sharing my experience is that it will open eyes. It will open up on the struggle we fight each day by not being understood or by being neglected in the community. It will give people an idea of how we live. The discussion between me and Billy (who will co-faciliate the talk) shows how different it is. It can't be put in one word. We all have different experiences of dealing with things." 

All events are free, with no need to pre-book. You can find out more about the event on the Science Museum website, along with a full programme for the evening.

Our full list of events taking place in the Who Am I? gallery (Floor 1) are as follows:

What Are You Afraid Of? 7.15 – 7.45pm 

Survivor Phil describes his 'Jekyll and Hyde' experience of living with fatigue after brain injury - and how art and writing have helped him understand it.    

Can You Be Rebuilt? 7.15 – 7.45pm 

Brain injury survivor Chris explores this question in the context of his own stroke story and changing physical self.   

You Must Remember This? 8.30 – 9pm 

Former software engineer Matthew, in conversation with friend and author Ben Platts-Mills, describes the challenge of living with 'false memories' following a life-saving operation to remove a cyst in his brain.    

Am I My Past or My Present? 8.30 – 9pm 

Brain injury survivor Yoki reflects on the notion of defining herself through flashbacks to a former life.    

Find Your Features (Drop in) 7 – 9pm 

Can the experiences of an individual be seen on their face? How far is someone's identity dictated by physical recognition? Scour through hundreds of cut out eyes/noses/lips and facial features to create your own doppelganger with a difference. What element of this new face/identity is recognisable as you? What have you changed and why?